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NYC Council Member Ben Kallos talking with a constituent

We Can Only Open Schools If We Can Open Them Safely

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New York City has made huge strides in attacking the Covid-19 Pandemic. Now It's our priority to get our kids back in school SAFELY, but we must do it with the utmost care and caution.

We Must Save the USPS!

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The USPS did not have the infrastructure needed to handle the large influx of mail-in ballots during the June primary. Now that mail-in voting is more important than ever, we must back New York's USPS stations and postal workers with the resources needed to count every ballot and make sure every voice is heard this election.

Support Essential Workers during COVID-19

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Sign a petition supporting proposed legislation gives just cause protections for health care workers and any other worker who is deemed essential by the City or State preventing them from being fired for speaking publicly about conditions at their job.

Invest in Free SHSAT Prep for Every Student, Citywide

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Legislation proposed by Public Advocate Williams and Council Member Kallos would mandate that every public student be offered free preparation and be required to sit for the exam in order to improve the specialized schools’ diversity.

"3K For All" Childcare For Every Child In NYC

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It's crystal clear—child care in Manhattan is too costly for parents. In the Upper East Side alone, it can cost an average of $30,000 to as much as $60,000 per year, per child. And parents are being forced to choose between their careers, enrichment for their children, or living in this great city; and the city is losing as a result.

Install Stop-Arm Cameras on School Buses

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A bill that was introduced by Council Member Ben Kallos seeks to make New York City the largest school district in the nation to require that stop-arm cameras be installed on school buses. This will help to better catch motorists who endanger students by illegally passing school buses during drop off and pick up.

Universal After School

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Help us keep our children safe by expanding Universal After School from Middle Schools to all 1.1 million public school students in NYC by signing our petition now.

Universal Summer Camp

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As summer break approaches, tens of thousands of low-income public school students and their families are relying on Summer Youth Programs to keep them safe, fed, and positively engaged. However, $20 million in funding for Summer Youth Programs serving at least 34,000 middle school students was excluded entirely or in part from the preliminary budgets since 2016.